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Loki65: The Shapeshifter

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Designed by my buddies Ned and Calvin



Dimensions: 321mm (length), 122mm (width), 20.5mm (front height)
Case Material: Full-CNC Polycarbonate (sandblasted)
Case colours: Frosted, Ink Black
Weight Material: Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Plate Material: PC, FR4, Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Badge Material: Anodised Aluminum, Brass (sandblasted, clear-coated)
Typing Angle: 5 degrees Mounting style: At least 3 variations
Full-build (alu plate): Approx. 1.35kg


Base Kit includes:

1 set of Soldered PCB 
1 set of Top and Bottom Case 
1 set Brass Weight, 1 set of FR4 Plate,
1 set of Brass 'Runes' Badge,
1 set of Poron Foam Sheet kit (1 thick Case Foam, 1 thin Case Foam, 1 under-PCB Foam, 1 Plate Foam),
1 set of Poron Gasket Strips with adhesive-backing,
1 set of Poron Gasket Strips without adhesive-backing,
1 set of silicone O-rings,
1 set of M2 Washer Screws,
1 set of Allen/Hex key,
1 set of silicone keyboard feet,
Various screws that are installed during assembly after fabrication.

Add-ons available for purchase:
Soldered PCB,
Hot-Swap PCB,
Alu/PC/FR4 Plate,
Brass Plate,
Foam Kit + Gasket Strips (adhesive and non-adhesive),

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