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HEX.4B Group Buy

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The HEX.4B is a keyboard designed with simplicity and fun in mind. It is a compact 75% layout that reduces the amount of space it takes up on your desk, while giving you the utility of the arrow keys and function keys. 

The 4B is constructed on relatively new PCB O-ring mounting system that gives it a unique typing feel and sound. It comes with two different kinds of O-rings to let its users experiment and play around with how bouncy they want their typing experience to be.

For this group buy, we're offering the 4B in three different colors, each of them selected with our end user in mind. Be it the shades of black and e-white that match almost anything, to the rose gold that will bring some brightness to your desktop setup, we believe we have picked colors that everyone will enjoy.

Hex 4B Group Buy

Date: 25th November - 25th December 2021
Est. Fulfilment: Q2-Q3 2022
Colors: Black, Rose Gold, E-White ( +20 SGD)
Price: 295 SGD(Singapore Dollars), roughly 216 USD
Kit(what you get for 295 SGD): Hex 4B Top and Bottom case, Brass inner weight, PCB, Gaskets, Accessories, Keyboard Carrying Case
Extras: https://hexkeyboards.com/products/hex-4b-add-ons