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DMK Ghost Extras

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Boo! Lonely ghost boy Milo wanders the keyboard realm, looking for a friendly face. Will you be his friend? GHOST is a spooky semi-translucent grey-on-white double-shot keyset bringing ghastly vibes to your mechanical keyboard. Manufactured by Domikey, the semi-translucent white outer shot is filled with a clean grey inner shot, its grid pattern faintly visible. For those familiar with Domikey, quality and accurate legends are the name of the game.

Designed by: Sailer + Protozoa Studio
Manufactured by: Domikey
Process: Doubleshot
Material: ABS
Profile: Cherry
GB Duration: 31 October - 1 December
Shipping: Mid 2022

USA - CannonKeys
UK - Protozoa
CA - Ashkeebs
Oceania - Daily Clack
Asia - HEX Keyboards
Mexico: Rheset.mx