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60% Keyboard with Isolation Mount (Burger-mounted Poron washers)

Case: Anodised Aluminium 6061
Colors: Black, Grey, Silver, Navy, and E-White
Weight: 900g+
Plate(s): Universal/Fixed ANSI w 7u bottom row. Teal Aluminum/Clear PVD Brass/ Black POM
PCBs: This keyboard will be fully compatible with DZ60 and its variants.
Typing Angle: 7
MOQ: 50 (Max units limited to 175 units, FCFS basis)

Included in the package: HEX.3C Bottom & Top Case, your choice of plate, a corresponding plate foam, 4x silicone bumpon feet.

Terms & Conditions

Limited to 1 per person, orders above 1 unit will be canceled and issued a refund (processing takes roughly 10 days). Shipping fees are being affected by COVID19 right now, and shipping is expensive EVERYWHERE. You can choose to delay the payment of your shipping fees and pay via PayPal at a later date (an unspecified date before the shipment) by choosing the option to POSTPONE SHIPPING PAYMENT at checkout. There are no guarantees that the shipping rates will be less expensive towards the shipping date, and it is entirely within your own discretion to select that option.



GB End - 16th April 2020 2359 GMT+8
Estimated Shipping - July 2020
Updates will be posted on Geekhack, and on our Discord.

Group Buy Policy

This is a pre-order for a product that has yet to be produced. The shipping times that are provided are estimates, as it is subject to changes by the factory and our logistics partner. Upon your purchase, you have acknowledged the above, and any refund requests caused by a delay of shipment will not be entertained. Changes can be made to the order for an hour after the purchase by emailing us at hello@hexkeyboards.com or messaging us directly on our Discord. After the hour mark, any changes to the order will not be entertained.

QC Expectations

Visible machining marks on the non-exposed faces of the case are considered normal. The nature of sandblasted PVD might cause minor irregularities on the surface of the plate, which will be considered as normal as well.