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Krytox Lubricants

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We're pleased to be Universal Westech's official partner within the Southeast Asian Mechanical Keyboard Scene!

Krytox is the lubricant of choice for Keyboard Enthusiasts worldwide, with many established community members making it their go-to choice for keyboard modification.

Krytox GPL105
Low Viscosity Oil
For use in springs  or for purists who like to preserve the original feel of their switch
Good for:
- Springs
- Tactile Switches
- Linear Switches that are already smooth

Krytox GPL203g0
Thinner Grease
Makes your switch smoother without losing much of its original feel
Good for:
- Tactile Switches
- Linear Switches

Krytox GPL204g0
Good for:
- Tactile Switches (Light application)
- Linear Switches

Krytox GPL205g0
Thicker Grease
Makes your switches sound deeper and feel creamier
Good for:
- Tactile Switches (Very light application)
- Linear Switches

Krytox XHT-BDZ
Very Thick Grease
This cannot be cleaned with soap and other traditional solvents. Please use gloves when working with this product.
Good for:
- Stabilizer Wires (Please use gloves)