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Safa5.88 Extras

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We love Paul, that's no secret. What we also love is the Safa5.88, which is coincidentally designed by Paul.

The Safa is designed to be a simple, lightweight TKL that focuses on feel and sound.


  • 5 degree, 88 key (F13) TKL.
  • Winkey and WKL
  • Adjusted front height of 18.5mm (excluding case feet - 3M 8mm bump-ons)
  • Primarily top mount, secondary gummy worm
  • Fixed ANSI, ISO plates. Variable JIS Plate available Default plates will be Alu 5052 in case matching colors.
  • Additional polypropylene (PP) plates will be available. Specifically chosen for its more dampening effect over PC
  • Aluminum half plates are being worked on. I have tested fr4, it feels amazing but Alu will help mods. I will confirm this at a later date[/i]
  • Internal brass weight only - not exposed externally. 
  • The weight and board overall were tuned to deliberately have reverberation throughout the case. No foam will be sold with this. If you want a quiet board, like my own preferential build, use PP plates with cherries or gat milk tops. Trust me :D